The Internet just got a whole lot crappier.

Students of the Japanese language both at home and abroad are no doubt familiar with the hit educational series Poop Kanji Drills (Unko Kanji Doriru), which teaches those tricky little pictograms through fun examples like: “The PE teacher pooped his pants, but just continued with the lesson.”

The books have grown into a pop culture phenomenon in their own right, complete with tie-in cafes and candies. But now they have developed an even more poo-immersive experience and letting everyone enjoy the joy and wonder of learning kanji in a fun way.

Poop Campus (Unko Gakuen) is a website aimed at elementary school students to help them practice reading and writing basic kanji. Using creative drills through the interactive medium of the Poop Campus website, kids can keep their interest in learning fresh.

To play, parents must first register using an email address, and by filling in their personal info such as name and address, their child is enrolled. Poop Campus students can then play the kanji learning games, but not only that, they can also earn bureeee.

Bureeee” is the Japanese equivalent to “pffffbbbbbbt” or the sound one might make while dropping an especially gaseous and moist deuce. But in the case of Poop Campus, it’s currency that can be used for exclusive Unko merch such as a poo-coil-shaped towels for 400 pffffbbbbbbt or a poop backpack for a whopping 2,500 pffffbbbbbbt.

▼ Next time someone tells you to clean the crap out of your ears, just ignore them and slap on a pair of unko earmuffs.

The website also offers special events and first looks at unkolabs (unko collaborations) with other products such as Unko Kanjji Drill Curry and the obvious Unko Kanji Drill Toilet Paper. One can only hope they’ll offer a “Proud Parent of a Poop Campus Student” bumper sticker in the near future too. I’d pay 100 pffffbbbbbbt for one, easy.

So sign up your child for Poop Campus now and don’t delay because holding back on all this fun might lead to constipation.

Source: Unko Gakuen, PR Times
Images: PR Times