We’ve seen a lot about poop in the news recently. From poo curry to toilet museums to pooping on an airplane, you might think you’ve seen it all. But now we bring word of something you probably never expected: turd-infused facial soap.

Wait! We promise this isn’t as crazy as it sounds. In fact, the poop soap is based on a centuries-old beauty technique used in Japan. What’s exactly in it and why would anyone in their right mind want to use it? We’ll give you the straight poop after the jump!

First, let’s get the biggest question out of the way: Is it human poop used in the soap? The answer is no. The soap is made from the dung of the uguisu, or Japanese nightingale.

▼ The majestic uguisu in all its beauty-infusing-poop-making glory.

Jun 25, 2015 at 6:05, Osaka 城北ワンドFlickr (m.louis)

Uguisu poop facials have been used in Japan for centuries by geisha and other beauty-conscious people to keep their skin radiant and fresh. The reason why is because the uguisu is so tiny that its small intestine needs some extra help to digest food. Special enzymes help break down the food and are excreted out as waste, and they just so happen to be good for your skin as well. So while outside Japan this all may seem a little strange, inside Japan it’s all a part of a traditional beauty routine.

And now’s your chance to try it out! Mune Pharmaceutical is celebrating the fact that they’ve sold over 23 million enema kits by selecting 50 lucky winners to receive a moisturizing, anti-aging, skin-brightening uguisu poop soap bar. No purchase or rectal-malfunction necessary, you just have to be a resident of Japan and fill out their online form before October 31.

Thanks Mune Pharmaceuticals! If doesn’t matter if our pores or our bowels are feeling a little clogged, either way we know that we can count on you to help us out.

Source: Mune Pharmaceutical via @Press
Top image: Mune Pharmaceutical
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