These new textbooks are the shit, you guys.

Learning kanji can be a real pain in the ass. There’s really nothing you can do except sit down and strain to memorize them until they stick.

But publisher Bunkyosha knows a little potty humor can go a long way towards making that boring study time more fun. That’s why they’ve released a series of kanji drilling texts that revolve around poop.

▼ Heh. “Load.”

The Unko Kanji Drill (Poop Kanji Drills) series has six books, each corresponding to a Japanese elementary school grade. In total, the series covers 1,006 kanji, offering three example sentences for each that also use the word poop. It’s the perfect way to encourage your dirty-minded child or child-minded adult to practice their penmanship.

▼ 1. When I woke up, a poop had been placed right next to my face.
2. There’s some poop stuck to my forehead, so I’m going to wash my face.
3. When my brother poops, his expression changes.

▼ 1. This is a game where two people hold a poop between their bodies to carry it to a goal.
2. Let’s try pooping at the park while we exercise.
3. The PE teacher pooped his pants, but just continued with the lesson.

Clearly, this is a product made for the foreign staff at RocketNews24, but we aren’t the only ones laughing our asses off. The series launched on March 24th and the first printing has already sold out! Not to worry, though, they are going to squeeze out some more by the end of the month.

Until then, for more crappy humor, take a look at what this Japanese store asked their pooping customers to do.

Images: Unko Kanji Drill