Headlight trick makes it look like it’s saying “Notice me, car senpai!”, but it’s actually its automotive kohai that this Mazda is chasing after.

Tailgating has been getting a lot of attention in the Japan these days. There’s been a recent surge in drive recorder footage posted to social media showing people flying up the bumper of cars in front in of them, then driving aggressively and weaving dangerously once they have to slow down. In some instances, the tailgaters have even blocked the road once they get ahead, pounding on the window of the people they feel inappropriately held them up (and apparently not appreciating the irony of taking time to yell at someone when you’re also claiming to be in a hurry).

So as this video from Japanese Twitter user Shahiin (@IIYONA_________) starts, and we see a blue first-generation Mazda Roadster/Miata come revving up on the car in front of it, you might expect the driver of the compact sports car to be in a foul mood, and maybe he is, but the car doesn’t convey any sense of anger at all.

“A Roadster, doing all it can to tailgate, but that’s impossible for the other driver to understand because it looks so cute.”

As the Roadster draws near, the driver flicks the retractable headlights up and down a few times, but their big, round shape make them look like friendly eyes, and the reflection coming off the turn signal housings make it seem like the car has cheeks that are flushed with color as it blushes, an effect accentuated by the aftermarket wheel arch flares.

Turning the steering wheel back and forth causes the car to shimmy in its lane, but instead of shouting “Get out of my way, ditz!”, the overall effect comes across more as the Roadster batting its eyes and wriggling with excitement, shouting “Hey, notice me! Let’s play!”

Other Twitter users were quick to agree that while this type of driving would be seen as a form of hostility, they just couldn’t bring themselves to feel like the cheerful-looking Mazda in the video bears any actual animosity.

“That car isn’t tailgating. It’s trying to tell you it has a crush on you.”
“It’s totally asking you out.”
“It’s like some new kind of pickup line.”
“Then at the end, when you won’t pay attention to it, it pouts and goes off to do its own thing.”
“Looks like a girl trying to find the best angle when she’s taking a selfie.”
“Is this a scene from Pixar’s Cars series?”
“People who drive Roadsters aren’t the kind of people who tailgate in the first place!”

While the last comment may be giving them a bit too much credit, Roadster/Miata drivers do indeed have a reputation as a laid-back, friendly community, and as the blue car passes the car in front of it, you might notice that it’s also a convertible. Specifically, it’s a second-generation Roadster, and those in the know will notice that the blue car has a special front lip spoiler, and the yellow one is a limited-edition model. It turns out this wasn’t a chance encounter, as Shahiin is actually the blue car’s owner, and he’s friends with the owner of the yellow Roadster.

▼ So in a twist, it’s the the blue car, as the older model, that’s the senpai in this relationship, making this a rare case of “Notice me, kohai!”

With winter coming in a few months, odds are Shahiin and his pal don’t have too many top-down drives left this year, but at least he can take comfort in knowing that even in the snow, the first-generation Roadster is always a joy to look at.

Source: Twitter/@@IIYONA_________ via Jin
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