The tale of the tailgating driver comes with an unusual twist.

The ability to Airdrop strangers in our vicinity has become a controversial topic recently, with media reports on “AirDrop Chikan” (literally “Airdrop Perverts”) causing fear amongst iPhone users, especially on public transport.

While perverts use Airdrop to send obscene photos to people within a nine-metre (29.5-foot) radius, this wasn’t the intended purpose of the file-sharing service. It was designed as a fast and easy way to share files and images with friends and contacts nearby, and while that’s usually how it’s used, media fervour over AirDrop Chikan has led many to fear receiving a file from an unknown contact.

That fear is exactly what Twitter user @km03728012 felt last week, when they received an Airdrop message from a tailgating driver.

The story begins with @km03728012 driving along an ordinary road when they noticed a van behind them getting a little too close for comfort. As they continued down the road, the vehicle behind began tailgating even more aggressively, leading @km03728012 to fear this might be an incident of road rage.

At that moment, the phone beeped and @km03728012 looked down to see an Airdrop message had been received. Figuring things were going from bad to worse, with the driver perhaps Airdropping a tirade of abuse, @km03728012 cautiously looked at the message and saw this:

The tweet above has @km03728012 explaining the situation in their own words:

“I was driving in the right hand lane on an ordinary road just now and there was a yellow-plate van that tailgated me a bit, which freaked me out. Then I got an Airdrop message on my iPhone and that freaked me out even more, but when I looked at the message…it seems he was on a crusade against pooping his pants so I let him pass straight away.”

The screenshot of the Airdrop message shows the note from the driver behind simply says: “Unchi ikasete kure” (“Poop. Let me pass.”)

Needless to say, @km03728012 was relieved that the tailgating driver simply needed to defecate, which explained his erratic behaviour. Everybody else on Twitter was relieved, and amused, at the turn of events too, with the tweet receiving more than 170,000 likes and over 65,000 retweets, and messages like:

“You saved a person’s life!”
“It’s game over if you poop your pants while driving.”
“It’s like having to make way for an emergency vehicle. They should create a siren for these situations!”
“My sides hurt from laughing at this.”
“What a kind world we live in.”
“How clever of them to Airdrop you.”

It’s nice to see Airdrop being used as a means of communicate between strangers during desperate times. Hopefully the driver was able to find a toilet nearby shortly after, or perhaps build one out of cardboard to save themselves à la Mr Sato.

Source: Twitter/@km03728012
Featured image: Pakutaso
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