Happy ending for Japanese man whose sports car was stolen right before his eyes

Rotary sports coupe’s journey comes full circle as it’s reunited with its rightful owner.

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Shocking video shows Japanese man’s car being stolen right outside his home. Let’s help him get it back

Be on the lookout for this silver Mazda RX-7.

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Japanese Twitter user misses joke, stresses that “beati dogu” is not traditional Japanese culture

Samurai tradition stresses the importance of horse and rider as one, but this canine contest is completely for comedy.

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Please enjoy this video of the world’s cutest tailgating car, filmed in Japan【Video】

Headlight trick makes it look like it’s saying “Notice me, car senpai!”, but it’s actually its automotive kohai that this Mazda is chasing after.

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Snowy Japanese sports car shows what happens when Car-senpai notices you【Video】

One of the greatest driver’s cars Japan has ever produced shows its adorable side.

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Patlabor AV-98 Ingram anime mecha arrives in Niigata, residents welcome their giant robo-cop

For anyone who lives in Niigata or is planning on heading there in the next couple of days, please be sure to obey all the laws and regulations of the prefecture. It’s not that they have odd rules that are going to catch you off guard, it’s the fact that there is a gigantic, police labor robot, or Patlabor, that has arrived in the prefecture. Its appearance has caused a bit of a commotion and the robot is, potentially, fully prepared to take out any criminals while it’s stationed there.

Oh, and if you think you might be able to commit some sort of crime out of sight of a robotic police presence, the human officers have a very speedy patrol car in the area as well.

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