A cute Twitter observation shows that romance is like fine wine – it gets better with age.

The rising average age of Japan’s population is a hot topic year after year. Life expectancy is high, and childbirth rates are low – meaning the streets of the cities and especially smaller towns are going to be increasingly occupied by the elderly. Despite their large share of Japan’s population, though, old people don’t tend to draw a lot of attention (unless they’re brandishing katanas at each other, of course).

Which is a real shame, because as Twitter user @kyoraku_stamp proved, we can learn some wholesome things to learn from our seniors. The couple he noticed while dining out caught his attention, and their ensuing conversation inspired him to share their cuteness with his Twitter feed.

“An old married couple came into the restaurant and were shown to a four-seater table. I was wondering if they might sit across from each other, when they spoke up:
Old man: ‘I forgot to bring my hearing aid today. I had better sit over there (next to his wife) or I won’t be able to hear you.’
Old woman: ‘I saw you put your hearing aid in! If you want to sit next to me, just say so.’
Old man: ‘Aw, you got me!’

Then they sat side-by-side. It was too precious, I could hardly bear it!”

What’s more, when commenters began to cluster to offer their own “Aww!”s and “That’s so sweet!”s, @kyouraku_stamp had more lovey-dovey anecdotes in his follow-up:

“After that the old woman had the old man open his mouth so she could feed him some potatoes. I couldn’t stand it.
The old man cut up the old woman’s Hamburg steak into little pieces so it was easier for her to eat, too… Can’t handle…tooo preeeshuuusss…”

The thought of two people demonstrating such tenderness is heart-melting at any age, but this tiny moment feels extra special between people who have already spent so long in the world and seen so much of what life has to offer. Romantic movies and passionate scenes are most frequently played out by young, attractive models, but @kyouraku_stamp’s observation is a welcome reminder that no matter how old we get, we have plenty of little ways to show each other how much we care.

Source: Twitter/@kyouraku_stamp
Top image: Pakutaso

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