married life

Married Japanese men and women rank the things they miss most about single life

Interesting overlaps and differences between genders.

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Survey shows how Japanese couples feel about spending so much time together sheltering in place

Survey examines how stay-home recommendations are affecting daily family life

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Japanese graphic designer finds his wife’s old notebook doodles, wows the Internet with their quality

The pages are filled with intricate etchings of everything from talk-show guests to Shadow of the Colossus to Coraline.

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Elderly Japanese couple’s cute restaurant anecdote brings smiles and “d’aww”s to the table

A cute Twitter observation shows that romance is like fine wine – it gets better with age.

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Japanese men rank the top 10 complaints they hope to never hear from their wives

Is it worse to be called lazy or smelly?

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‘”Married Men Don’t Look Happy!” “Wives Unnecessary!”: An Increasing Number of Japanese Men Opting for Bachelorhood

In Japan, the number of men and women choosing to marry later in life is on the increase and has reached a figure that can no longer be ignored. When it comes to the Japanese male demography, just why are so many choosing the single life? My Navi News asked 300 of its male readers the following question:

“Have you ever thought ‘Marriage isn’t for me’ or ‘I prefer the life of bachelorhood’?”

The results obtained were a little on the unexpected side:

Yes: 39.7%
No: 60.3%

The men who replied ‘yes’ were asked their reasons for snubbing a life of marital bliss. Their answers in full after the break.

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