This railway worker is pulling more than just heart strings!

Nothing feels better at work than a nice break. Stretching your legs, getting a cup of coffee, taking time to chat with your co-workers — this is a typical scene in any office environment. But one particular Japanese railroad worker in Sapporo decided to use his break time for a special performance.

Filmed in Sapporo’s Odori Station and posted by the Sapporo Municipal Subway’s official Twitter (@sapporokotsu_PR), the video shows the employee delighting commuters and his co-workers alike with a live piano concert.

▼ The station made sure to emphasize that he was on break while dishing out the impromptu solo.

While it’s not the first time Japanese Twitter went wild over a sudden piano performance, many Japanese net users marveled at the railway worker’s piano skills. Here are some choice responses towards the video plucked from Japanese Twitter:

“I would love it if he could perform three times a day!”

“Even though he’s on break, it’d be nice if he could be paid to do this on-duty as well.”

“Goes to show that everyone has hidden talents.”

“The railway company should feature him in one of their commercials.”

“What if he’s a pianist cosplaying as a railway worker?”

Sometimes spreading holiday cheer isn’t so difficult after all. For those curious, the piano is free for anyone to play at Odori Station until Christmas Day, so if you’re in Sapporo and don’t mind the public eye, feel free to play a few keys.

Or you could always dress up as a monster from a children’s TV show and play. That works too!

Source: Twitter/@sapporokotsu_PR via Twitter/@yurikageyama
Featured image: Wikimedia Commons/Daiimu
Top image: Pixabay

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