What a delicious response to a possibly impending crisis.

2050 is supposedly the year when the globe will face a worldwide shortage of food, especially animals and animal by-products. It’s hard to imagine how this will impact the land of the Meat Mountain pizza, but in response to this theory, Japanese commercial company Yamamori has released 2050 Curry, a microwaveable curry packet that uses soy meat instead of actual meat.

Soy meat isn’t exactly a new concept, and one look at the ingredients list (where you’ll find “beef extract”) will tell you that it’s not vegan, but the takeaway from this new dinner option is that we may, indeed, be facing a future where imitation meat is the only meat we have left.

▼ Yamamori has also chosen to advertise this in a hilarious way: a sci-fi movie preview.

Even if you don’t understand Japanese, the ad provides easy-to-understand footage that gets the message across: people want meat.

“Where’s the meat!?”

There are still eggs and butter, apparently, but no one can seem to find any meat (then where did the eggs and butter come from…?).

“I want meat!!”

And then an actress delivers the signature line of the commercial…

“I believe in Yamamori!!”

▼ And the title hits you like a soy meteorite.

Yamamori’s 2050 Curry is available in three super spicy flavors: pepper chili, garlic chili, and Chinese mala spice. They all have the same soy meat base and a different type of spice that’s sure to heat up your soon-to-be-meatless world.

Each microwaveable packet costs 360 yen (US$3.30) without tax. You can order them on Amazon Japan starting on January 31.

▼ Here’s what the futuristic packages look like. We guess 2050 is also the apocalypse?

Should Yamamori’s vision of the future come to pass, we’ll miss chowing down on all-you-can-eat KFC and tacos in the middle of Tokyo come 2050, but at least we can still look forward to curry meals.

Featured image: YouTube/Yamamori Channel
Sources: YouTube/Yamamori Channel via Net Labo
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