All the fried chicken you can eat (plus all the beer you can drink), whenever you want it!

KFC occasionally offers all-you-can-eat fried chicken in Japan, which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because, well, it’s all-you-can-eat fried chicken, but the problem is that we’re never sure when the limited-time offer is going to return.

So we’re left with our ravenous cravings for unlimited chicken, tearfully sitting in our Kentucky Fried Baths as we silently hope that KFC will answer our prayers. But there’s now a raw of golden-fried hope on the horizon, as KFC is just about to open its first permanent all-you-can-eat fried chicken restaurant in Tokyo!

Called KFC Restaurant, the eatery is set to be one of the first tenants at the new Minami Machida Grandberry Park shopping center in Tokyo’s Machida district. Aside from Colonel Sanders’ signature dish, the buffet-style restaurant will also offer soups, pastas, and, as required by buffet fans in Japan, curry, all of which are all-you-can-eat.

Tokyo’s KFC Restaurant follows the opening of a KFC Restaurant in Osaka a few years ago, but this will be the first time for east Japan to revel in such decadence. The new restaurant also takes a page from the Tokyo Takadanobaba KFC branch’s playbook by offering beer and other alocholic beverages, and even an all-you-can-drink-alcohol plan.

Like many buffets in Japan, KFC Restaurant has different pricing plans depending on the day or time, starting at 1,980 yen (US$18) for adults for the 80-minute lunch buffet on weekends, while on weekends the price is 2,180 yen. The 90-minute dinner buffet, meanwhile, is always 2,580 yen, and adding all-you-can-drink alcoholic beverages tacks on 1,250 yen.

KFC Restaurant, along with Minami Machida Grandberry Park, opened on November 11, and you can check out our full report here.

Restaurant information
KFC Restaurant / KFCレストラン
Inside Minami Machida Grandberry Park / 南町田グランベリーパーク駅
Tokyo-to, Machida-shi, Tsuruma 3-4-1

Source: KFC via Livedoor News/Gadget Tsushin via Hachima Kiko
Top image ©SoraNews24
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