A mountain we can definitely conquer.

We’ve seen a lot of weird and wonderful pizzas come our way in Japan, but right now we’re pushing them all aside for a brand new contender that promises to steal our hearts and possibly kill them at the same time.

Called “Nikku Mountain” (“Meat Mountain“), this new greasy dish comes from Aoki’s, a Japanese pizza chain that’s no stranger to unique creations. They’ve given us cookie-filled chocolate bar toppings and eyeballs on zombie pizzas in the past, but this time they’re giving us a heart attack in a box, which weighs in at over two kilograms (4.4 pounds).

The Meat Mountain is truly a sight to behold, with two thick-crust meat pizzas sandwiched on top of one another and filled with a generous serving of gooey melted cheese. 

The top pizza contains the following toppings: beef steak, hamburger patty pieces, pork loin, Iberian bacon, diced bacon, sliced ​​bacon, bacon bits, Bavarian sausage, pepperoni, mini wiener sausage, pork sausage, Italian sausage.

The bottom pizza contains the following toppings: Wagyu beef ribs, chicken, deluxe minced meat, meat in a spicy sauce, taco meat, and dry-cured ham.

That’s 18 different types of meat toppings!

Aoki’s is based around Japan’s Tokai region, and has outlets in Aichi, Gifu, Mie and Shizuoka prefectures. Unfortunately that means pizza lovers in other areas, including us here in Tokyo, will have to travel to Tokai to devour the Meat Mountain, or simply cry into our Tsundere pizzas from Domino’s instead.

Available for a limited time from September 12, the Meat Moutain comes in a medium size for 2,918 yen (US$27.02) and a large size for 4,624 yen, plus tax.

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Image: Aoki’s Pizza Press Release
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