We get the meat sweats while conquering a four-pound mountain packed with 18 different types of meat.

Aoki’s is one of Japan’s craziest pizza chains, consistently eschewing fast food norms to bring us thrilling delicacies like the Bloody Zombino and a pizza topped with Black Thunder chocolate bars.

So when we heard that they’d created a giant pizza sandwich called “Nikku Mountain” (“Meat Mountain“), we took a trip out to the Tokai region where they’re based to see if we had what it takes to conquer its meaty peak.

▼ Aoki’s has outlets in Aichi, Gifu, Mie and Shizuoka prefectures.

As soon as we arrived at their Hamamatsu branch in Shizuoka, we could see the ad for the Meat Mountain plastered on the front door.

We ordered a medium-sized Meat Mountain and after a short 20-minute wait we had the giant monstrosity in our hands. Weighing in at over two kilograms (4.4 pounds), this was shaping up to be a feast to remember.

▼ The Meat Mountain is available in a medium size for 2,918 yen (US$27.02) and a large size for 4,624 yen, plus tax.

▼ We took a deep breath, opened the box, and were greeted by the most beautiful looking pizza we’d ever seen.

It was everything we’d hoped for and more. The top layer was covered in two of our favourite things: cheese and meat, and when we say meat we’re talking a whopping 12 different types of meat on this top layer alone.

The top pizza contains the following toppings: beef steak, hamburger patty pieces, pork loin, Iberian bacon, diced bacon, sliced ​​bacon, bacon bitsBavarian sausage, pepperoni, mini wiener sausage, pork sausage, Italian sausage.

▼ Underneath this cheesy meat buffet is yet another pizza, oozing oil under the weight of a totally different array of meats.

The bottom pizza contains the following toppings: Wagyu beef ribs, chicken, deluxe minced meat, meat in a spicy sauce, taco meat, and dry-cured ham.

▼ 12 meat toppings above and six meat toppings below gives us 18 different types of meat in total.

▼ Take a look at the gorgeous pizza in all its glory below:

▼ After inspecting the mountain’s meaty terrain, we grabbed a slice and began our quest.

The first bite instantly transported us somewhere high above the clouds as our taste buds revelled in meaty, cheesy ecstasy.

This was an insanely good pizza, with each bite delivering so many different flavours it left us lost for words. Just as we tasted a juicy morsel of sausage, our taste buds found a hint of sweet beef ribs before stumbling across some smoky steak and then hitting upon some crispy bacon pieces.

Then there was a faint hit of spice and pork before the whole symphony of meat played out again. The salty, sweet, smoky, juicy, rich flavours built to a crescendo towards the centre of each slice before plateauing out as we approached the thick crust, signalling for us to start the climb again with a new piece.

The cheese brought everything together perfectly, and there was seriously nothing we could fault about it. Like climbing a mountain, though, conquering the pizza sandwich can be deceptively dangerous, as it has you eating twice as much pizza with every slice. Tread carefully to avoid the meat sweats, and you’ll reach the summit feeling deeply satisfied.

The Meat Mountain was pure perfection in a box, and after finishing it we immediately began thinking of reasons to book a trip out to Shizuoka again, just so our taste buds could traverse the pizza’s terrain once more.

That’s when we remembered the prefecture is also home to weird and wonderful ovoid desserts and the world’s most matcha-intense ice cream, which is a perfect excuse to return to Shizuoka again!

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