You can’t break out the champagne without breaking out a homage to one of America’s most dynamic rap stars.

From volunteering in Australia to support bushfire relief efforts to winning three Grammy awards, flute-twerking and beat-bopping Lizzo has had a propelling, exciting start to the decade. It shouldn’t lift any brows that fans have stepped up to give love to the diva-rapper, but particularly for Japanese comedian Natsu Ando, a fan tribute to Lizzo is also a way to celebrate her wedding announcement.

An electrifying comedian and part of popular Japanese comedy-skit duo Maple Chogokin, literally translating to Maple Superalloy, Natsu’s new fan tribute pays homage to Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts,” which recently won a Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance, and also serves as a celebratory nod to her recent wedding announcement last year in November. While there were no thrown broccoli-bouquets in sight, Natsu’s fan tribute is a careful study of Lizzo’s original music video, imitating its soft tones and angles, and with Natsu donned in an elegant, white wedding dress.

▼ Killin’ it with that smoky eye

▼ One can never have enough of the bad binch life, and no, we’re not talking about Lotte chocolate biscuits.

▼ For those extra curious, Warner Music Japan has also uploaded Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” with Japanese subtitles.

Natsu’s video features a new cast of characters in comparison to Lizzo’s original music video, including a drag queen and a fully dressed priest. However, in a playful twist, a mysterious figure shows up in the middle of the video, purportedly the lucky man himself—her husband.

After the video’s production, Natsu also sent out a congratulatory message to Lizzo about her Grammy wins through Twitter, posing with her beloved. With her warm greetings from Twitter plus her moving video tribute, it’s no hard stretch to say that Natsu is indeed a huge fan of the American singer who puts the word “sing” in single.

While we may have never expected Natsu to have a performance as a bride, especially after her debut as a Sailor Senshi, we look forward to the new advancements in her comedy career and we hope she has many happy days ahead of her with the new hubby!

Source, images YouTube/Warner Music Japan
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