It didn’t make the fiancée say ‘Hasta la vista’ though.

Families are strange. You can live in the same building as them for so long and still find things out about them that can throw you for a loop. They can drive you absolutely crazy. But despite everything, most of us wouldn’t change them for anything in the world. And that’s why, for newly engaged people, introducing your fiancé to your folks can be such a nerve-wracking experience. Will they like your fiancé? Will they accept your fiancé? Will they be embarrassing? Will they scare your fiancée away with their crazy behaviour?

Twitter user @GAAP66901836 decided to share with the Twittersphere the unusual way he decided to meet his sister’s fiancé for the first time.

“Today my sister’s going to introduce her new fiancé to the family. Our dad passed away some time ago, so it’s up to me to take on his fatherly duties. It’ll be bad if some sleazeball or a scary guy shows up, so I’m going all out! (о´∀`о)”

And he wasn’t joking about ‘going all out’, as seen in the picture below.

Yep, @GAAP66901836 decided to ‘go all out’ by dressing in full special agent garb; with toy gun and bugling muscles, he was able to give off an intimidating Terminator vibe. Japanese netizens cracked up over @GAAP66901836’s extreme response.

“This might make the fiancé call off the relationship, if this is what he thinks he’s marrying into!”
“I can really feel your love for your sister, even if you’re coming on a little… no, really strong. Good luck, fiancé!”
“Do you live in Racoon City, like in the Resident Evil series?”
“I always wanted a brother like this!!”
“The thing that surprised me the most was how much the post, picture and emoji he used just didn’t go together at all, lol!”
“What overwhelming muscles!”

Many netizens were keen to know how the story ended. Did the brother end up scaring the fiancé away? Did the fiancé turn out to be something even more impressive, like this Twitter user speculated?

No, what actually happened was unexpectedly hilarious, as @GAAP66901836 made a follow-up report the following day.

“So about yesterday – my sister’s fiancé turned out to be my good friend from junior high school. Same year, same class as me. I was absolutely stunned. I even prepared some special sushi to give off a sense of dignified majesty; I have absolutely no recollection of how it tasted. These things really do happen, huh.”

That’s right – this poor fiancé, who @GAAP66901836 was determined to intimidate into properly taking care of his sister turned out to be someone he already knew, rendering his menacing appearance completely useless. In fact, he was so stunned that he couldn’t even remember the taste of the special sushi meal he had prepared for the occasion.

Twitter fell in love with the dramatic twist to the story.

“So your classmate will become your brother-in-law! Wow, these things really do happen!”
“It’s like something out of a TV show!”
“Stories like these really make you realise it’s a small world!”
“Wow, what a twist! You’re not only his friend, but now his brother-in-law AND his father-in-law! Hope everything works out for you!”
“You should marry the fiancé’s little sister, then you can kill two birds with one stone.”

So there you have it, folks. In the intense almost-battle between the brother and the fiancé, it seems that the winner is the sister. Having managed to keep the identity of her betrothed a secret, she delivered a knock-out stunner to the brother by revealing that the fiancé he planned to intimidate is actually someone he knows quite well. Girl power!

Anyway, good luck to all three of them, and fingers crossed they keep us updated on any more crazy incidents that happen!

Featured image: Twitter@GAAP66901836 via Jin
Source: Twitter@GAAP66901836
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