A little customer appreciation can go a long way.

Skymark Airlines, which has ranked number one in on-time performance in Japan for two consecutive years, is on their way to having the best customer service in an unexpected way too. With Japanese airports looking pretty sparse in the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus spread, Skymark Airlines is just one of many businesses and industries hurting.

That didn’t stop them from doing their best to show their appreciation to customers who boarded a flight departing from Hokkaido. Twitter user @DQN9 posted this picture taken from within the aircraft before takeoff.

▼ The sign reads, “Thank you for riding with us even during this difficult time.”


The touching photo has garnered over 100,000 Retweets and 500,000 Likes so far, and it’s likely that it’s been seen by many more. But the fun doesn’t end there; Twitter user @KNDFTJ followed up with their own Skymark message photo.

▼ This one reads, “Hokkaido was delicious, right? Come and eat here again!”

Netizens enjoyed these displays of gratitude as much as the posters and chimed in with their own thoughts.

“I work in the same field of expertise, and I think this is excellent customer service. Keep fighting, Japan!”
“I instantly started tearing up when I saw the man waving his hand! I’m so touched by their efforts during a time when so many people are in dire straits.”
“I like how Skymark smoothly boards passengers in order of window seats, middle seats, and aisle seats. They’re not the only ones whose staff waves to you as you leave, but I always wave back.”

While we’re not sure when this COVID-19 outbreak will settle down and business will start booming again, at least we can rest assured that Japan’s excellent customer service won’t slow down, and that Skymark will surely have more customers eager to experience theirs.

Sources: Twitter/@DQN9, Twitter/@KNDFTJ via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@DQN9