Two reasons seem to be causing dwindling supplies of self-loving support items.

In addition to being a health crisis, the coronavirus outbreak has created shopping difficulties in Japan. Surgical masks are all but impossible to find in stock, with stores selling out as soon as new shipments come in, and toilet paper is also in short supply.

Now, as shown in this photo from Japanese Twitter user @kumahakumakuma7, it seems there’s another product being affected by the coronavirus: masturbatory aids.

▼ Sign: “Due to the novel coronavirus, our supply of adult goods is low. Our next shipment is not expected until at least late April, so please make your purchase soon.”

“Coronavirus, this is unforgivable!” angrily tweeted @kumahakumakuma7. “There are some lines you just don’t cross!”

In the case of masks, there’s been a spike in demand as people buy them as countermeasures against infection, and the reason for the toilet paper shortage is a combination of people panic-buying/hoarding T.P. plus paper goods factories switching their focus to mask production and lowering the toiler paper supply. Even masturbatory aids for the most gentle self-pleasurer needs to be made of sturdier material than paper, though, so why is the coronavirus causing a sex toy shortage?

The answer seems to stem from health officials in Japan repeatedly warning people to avoid crowded places in order to limit the spread of the virus. Many companies are having employees work from home, several colleges have suspended classes, and numerous entertainment events have been cancelled. Being stuck at home has people looking for ways to keep themselves entertained, and while some might choose to spend that extra time reading free manga online, it’s not too far-fetched to think that some others might opt for a little more self-loving, leading to higher-than-usual demand for sex toys.

Another factor is likely Japan’s fuzoku (or sexual entertainment) industry. While outright prostitution is illegal in Japan, non-intercourse options such as erotic massage and body-washing services are openly offered at clubs in the backstreets of major Japanese cities’ bar districts. But again, health officials are cautioning people to avoid crowded places, which would include bar districts, and also to avoid “close/extended physical contact” with strangers. That’s sort of the whole purpose of fuzoku establishments, though.

So with the double dose of spending more time at home and less in fuzoku clubs, it’s conceivable that many bored and/or backed up individuals are doing the wash by hand, so to speak, leading to an unexpected spike in demand for adult goods such as Japan’s Tenga, at least at the shop where @kumahakumakuma7 took his tweeted photo. Considering that the paper goods shortage is also causing a shortage of tissues in Japan, it looks like it’s going to be a hard couple of weeks for those who don’t get their adult goods soon.

Source: @kumahakumakuma7 via Jin
Top image: Pakutaso
Insert image: Pakutaso
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