“We hope we can bring a little cheer into your day,” the official account posted.

It’s almost spring in Japan, which brings with it the end of the school year. For many students, it means graduating from school. For others, it’s spring break. Time to relax, unwind, and get ready for the new year ahead. For many, leaving school calls for a graduation trip, and Tokyo Disneyland is one of the most popular destinations.

Sadly, with the rise of coronavirus, Tokyo Disneyland recently announced that they would temporarily close for the safety of its guests. Many were left disappointed; the graduation trip of a lifetime that they had dreamed about for years had suddenly been cancelled.

But in another show of outstanding customer service, Tokyo Disneyland has decided to post pictures from inside the park on their official Twitter account, so followers can feel like they are actually there.

“To our followers,
Hello, everyone. Starting today, we’ll be posting pictures from inside the park, so you can enjoy Tokyo Disneyland even when we are closed ♪”

It’s the first post the account has made since 11 March, where it announced the closure of the park. The post already has over 20,000 retweets and has been liked over 90,000 times. Heartwarmingly, the post includes a photo of Minnie Mouse’s house with a handwritten note. The note, written by members of the Disneyland crew, says “We hope we can bring a little cheer to your day ♡

Both hardcore Disney maniacs and casual fans alike had their hearts warmed by the gesture.

“Disneyland really is the land of dreams, doing something like this!”
“OMGGGG! Thank you! I’ve been waiting for this!”
“I’m looking forward to getting a little happiness in my life!”
“I hope the coronavirus ends quickly and the park can open again!”
“Seeing a picture like this really makes me feel like I’m a guest at the park! I could cry!”

But not everyone was satisfied with the state of the Magic Kingdom with this picture alone. Some were concerned for the welfare of Mickey Mouse, who was mysteriously absent from the original photo.

“How are Mickey and the others doing? I’m worried…”
“I want to see a picture of Mickey walking around the park!”
“How is Mickey and the gang? If I could see a picture of their face, it’d give me a real morale boost!”

In any case, it’s comforting to know what’s going on in the Magic Kingdom while they close for a bit. Fingers crossed they can open again soon! And for those missing out on their graduation vacation, maybe they can get inspiration from these elementary school students and make their own virtual graduation vacation!

Source: Twitter/Tokyo Disneyland Official Twitter
Featured image: Twitter/Tokyo Disneyland Official Twitter
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