Hardcore hospitality recalled in comical recreation.

When you combine Japan’s world-famous customer service standards with Disney theme parks’ renowned commitment to pleasing patrons, it’s no surprise that Tokyo Disneyland goes above and beyond in taking care of its guests. In the past, we’ve seen how the park’s staff will inform visitors who came by car of potential safety hazards regarding their vehicle, and now comes another tale of amazing service from Japanese Twitter user Emi Omatsu.

Omatsu regularly shares and stars in short comedy videos, and in this one she relates the events of a recent trip she took to Tokyo Disneyland. While there, Omatsu got a nosebleed, and in the video she plays the part of the park employee who came to her aid, recreating the conversation that took place.

The excited dialogue begins with:

“Oh no, what’s the matter? Ah you have a nosebleed! Please wait just a moment.”

The attendant then scurried off for a moment, but returned shortly with:

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Here are some tissues, alcohol disinfectant wipes, and a plastic trash bag. Is there anything else I can get for you?”

At this point, Omatsu told the employee that she would be OK. She also apologized for the trouble, but the employee immediately put her mind at ease, saying:

“No no no, not at all! This sort of thing happens a lot. You probably were just so excited to see Mickey that you got a little nosebleed. Don’t worry about it at all. It happens to me a lot too!”

With that, the employee started to walk away, but then turned around and came back with one other thing she’d forgotten to mention.

“Oh, by the way, about the trash bag, if you just let anyone of our staff members know, they’ll throw it away for you. Happy Easter!”

In other words, Tokyo Disneyland understand that during your stay in its happy wonderland, you probably don’t want to carry a bag of bloody tissues around with you while you’re waiting in line for Space Mountain or posing for pictures with Winnie the Pooh. So if there’s no trash can nearby, they consider it part of their job to take the hemoglobin-infused paper off your hands, because they realize that sometimes during a day at Disneyland, there’s going to be a little blood mixed in among all the smiles and laughter.

Source: Twitter/@oomatsuemi