Japanese comedian creates a 30-second countermeasure that can help you, and your community, stay safe from the coronavirus.

We understand. Even if ordinarily your idea of the ideal day off involves lots of sleeping in your bed, snacking in your kitchen, and watching TV while lying on your sofa, after five full days of self-isolating and working from home, odds are you really, really want to get out of the house.

Pretty much every health official would rather you didn’t though, what with the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing. Still, with cabin fever setting in, you might find yourself headed towards the door. That’s the state of mind Japanese comedian Hanao (@hanao87_0 on Twitter), of comedy duo Hanao Dengan, has found himself in recently…but he’s also found a way to stop that temptation in its tracks, all by taping a single picture next to his front door’s inside handle.

That disapproving-looking lady is Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike. The Tokyo municipal government has begun asking residents to remain in their homes unless it’s essential that they go out, and Koike has also warned that the city could be placed on official lockdown if the coronavirus situation worsens. However, it’s easy to lapse into complacency once the press conferences and news reports end…unless you’ve got Koike’s withering gaze asking you “Really? Seriously? as you try to step out the door.

Hanao tweets:

“I put up a picture of Governor Koike in my entryway, and now every time I touch the handle, I’m assaulted by waves of guilt, so I’m recommending this to others.”

Online commenters have been impressed with Hanao’s ingenuity, with reactions such as “Those eyes…so scary” and “Everyone in Japan should do this.”

▼ One commenter even offered an enhanced photo of Koike

Of course, Koike is in charge of a city in a country where figures of authority are held in higher levels of esteem than in many other parts of the world. Still, you can still adapt Hanao’s idea to suit your own psyche if you live in the jurisdiction of politicians you don’t feel much respect for. You can tape a picture of a doctor by the door. A photo of a beloved elderly or very young relative, both at-risk demographics, should also be effective. Alternatively, you could use a picture of your most hated, bitter rival, and remind yourself that you can’t get sick and die until after you’ve had your revenge.

Anything, really, that encourages you to stay home and stay safe.

Source: Twitter/@hanao87_0 via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
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