Tokyo governor sticks to silly hat plan, seemingly refuses to get on board herself.

A few months back, we brought you the news that Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike has proposed a novel way to keep cool during what’s certain to be a scorching 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games: dorky umbrella hats!

The hats are designed to prevent sun glare, and will be handed out for free to spectators during the events. We reckon if everyone else gets on board, most of the spectators will be only too happy to receive a free umbrella hat when the alternative is possible sunstroke and extreme sunburn.

However, it seems that Koike herself is continuously unwilling to don one of the silly white domed hats herself, as here she is, pictured recently in continuing promotion of the hats, and suspiciously hatless.

(Well, actually, she’s wearing a little hat of her own.)

It’s been another scorcher in Japan this summer, and the heat is showing no signs of abating yet. Surely the governor was feeling the heat in these photos, and we’re baffled as to why she didn’t take the golden opportunity to model one of her proposed fixes in person. After all, they’re so stylish! With a timeless, classic design!

It’s a taste of old Japan!

The cool young dudes love it!

You can even get designer versions!

Do you think the governor should get on board and do some personal promotion of this genius contraption, or are the public being a little too harsh?  After all, she can’t even keep her hands warm in winter without being criticised

Source: Jin115
Featured Image: Twitter/@wasurejinobase
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