Keep your stomach full of pizza without your kitchen being buried in empty boxes.

Whether due to local eateries being closed or a personal decision to avoid eat-in dining as part of social distancing, a lot of us are eating our meals at home these days. And while some may be using this unprecedented period of self-isolation to polish their cooking skills, others are weathering the storm with lots of delivery pizza.

Of course, ordering more pizzas than usual also means having more empty pizza boxes sitting around the house until trash day. However, Japanese pizza fan and Twitter user @KNG00_macgregor recently learned a miraculous technique to shrink a pizza box down to just a fraction of its original size.

“Does everybody know that if you make an extra-large pizza box wet, it’ll become super small? A lady from my neighborhood told me, while looking at me with an expression like ‘Seriously? You didn’t already know this?’”

Eager to try out his new knowledge, @KNG00_macgregor grabbed an empty delivery box he had from his last order from Japanese pizza chain Pizza La. After moistening each surface of the box with water from his sink, the material became soft and pliable enough to easily fold down into something not much bigger than the palm of his hand.

▼ The shrunken box next to a palm-sized packet of tissues

For anyone living in a home with cozy dimensions (i.e. most of Japan’s population), anything you can do to keep the size of your in-house trash to a minimum is a lifesaver, and other Twitter users were quick to share their amazement at @KNG00_macgregor’s photos.

“Thank you! Until now, I’ve only let myself order pizza on the night before trash day because I didn’t want the box taking up space.”
“I used to work in a pizza place, and I never knew this.”
“Did they tech us this important information in school? Was I just out sick that day?”
“I’m gonna order a pizza just so I can try this out.”

Oh course, with people avoiding going out it’s not just pizza that they’re having delivered, but all sorts of other items as well. Once again, @KNG00_macgregor says that the hydro lifehack can help, as making a cardboard delivery box, of the sort you’d get from Amazon and other online retailers, will also make it easy to fold up into something tiny and flat (though he recommends tearing or cutting the corners before you start folding).

Armed with this information, we’re feeling even less motivation to cook for ourselves today, especially with Pizza Hut Japan’s coronavirus countermeasure Oki Pizza delivery system.

Source: Twitter/@@KNG00_macgregor via Jin
Top image ©SoraNews24
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