“I’m making my donation with the hope that it can help, even if it’s just a little.” the rock god said.

When you think of X Japan frontman Yoshiki, a couple of things might spring to mind. Aside from his illustrious career as the King of J-Rock, Yoshiki is also well-known for his generous donations to organisations in need. Within the last 12 months alone, the legendary rock star has donated to help victims of the typhoons that hit Japan late last year, the arson recovery fund of Kyoto Animation, and to help with the Australian wildfires.

With the global outbreak of coronavirus, Yoshiki once more put his money where his mouth is and made a sizable donation. Last month, Yoshiki, who has been living in Los Angeles for the past twenty years, previously donated a large sum of money to US-based charity Meals on Wheels, and this week he’s extending his generosity to the Japan-based National Center for Global Health and Medicine with the hope that it will support medical staff battling on the frontlines. Yoshiki added this comment with his 10 million yen (US$92,800) donation.

“Here in the US, coronavirus has killed over 40,000 people and unfortunately, now I hear the disease is spreading in Japan too, with no signs of slowing down. Many people in all different industries are currently suffering due to the outbreak, including the entertainment industry which I am in. However, I think the people who need the most support right now are the medical staff who are dealing with the coronavirus on a daily basis. I’m making my donation with the hope that it can help, even if it’s just a little.”

Yoshiki has been very outspoken about the importance of staying inside and even comments further:

“More important than my donation, however, is everyone’s efforts. Everyone practicing self-restraint and staying indoors is a hundred, maybe a thousand times more important than my donation.”

But donating is not all that Yoshiki is doing to aid the coronavirus effort. He is hosting live streams by himself on steaming website Nico Nico Douga to promote the idea of staying at home. The second live stream will be held on April 23.


It certainly is refreshing to see celebrities put their money where their mouth is and actually help out in times of crisis, but Yoshiki is not only helping with money, but also by spreading an important message. Even if we don’t have 10 million yen lying around to donate to those in need, we can all do our bit by staying home.

Source: PR Times via IT Media
Top image: PR Times
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