Describes monarch as “very sweet.”

Japanese musician Yoshiki pretty much lives the lifestyle you’d expect of a legendary rock/pop star. When he’s not busy with his solo career and activities as front man for band X Japan, Yoshiki’s sophisticated aura and undeniable charisma has him modeling for fashion magazines, dropping in for guest spots on international television, inadvertently setting off snack food crazes, and generally living the high life.

Yoshiki’s most recent glamorous outing came last weekend, when he was in England to attend the Royal Windsor Cup polo tournament. But of course, Yoshiki transcends even regular VIP status, and thanks to his stature as a musician, connections with Japanese company and tournament sponsor Out-Sourcing Inc., or some combination of the two, he watched the contest from the royal box, in the company of Queen Elizabeth II.

The ever-dapper Yoshiki was dressed for the occasion in a black suit, black shirt, and jaunty black scarf – fashionable without being showy. However, as the festivities were winding down and the Queen was descending the stairs to leave the box, fate, or the wind, conspired to make sure the monarch noticed the musician’s fashion sense.

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Just as the Queen was walking past Yoshiki, a sudden gust of wind sent his scarf blowing into her. Yoshiki, a near-constant model of stoic grace, reacted with an uncharacteristically startled expression.

However, it’s hard for some fans to believe that anything in the eminently talented Yoshiki’s life happens without it being part of his, or his wardrobe’s, intentions. “I think the Queen was about to stumble, and Yoshiki’s scarf wanted to help catch her,” wrote one fan in reaction, while another’s take was “Pink and black are a lovely combination.”

Yoshiki himself, though, explains that it was indeed all an accident. While sharing the photos through his Instagram account, the recording star wrote:

“I’m so sorry it happened, but a gust of wind blew up. I talked to the Queen afterwards and Her Majesty was very sweet.”

What international celebrity meeting will prompt Yoshiki’s next apology? We’ll just have to wait to find out.

Source: Instagram/yoshiki official, IT Media, MSN News
Featured image: Instagram/yoshiki official
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