Maybe we should all celebrate our birthday like Yoshikitty.

It’s been ten years since Yoshikitty came to life thanks to Japan Music Agency Co., Ltd. (JMA), Sanrio, and X Japan’s leader Yoshiki. They’ve given us endless joy with plushies, t-shirts, face masks, and so much more. They’ve been in the running to be Sanrio’s most popular character for years, and considering the passion of X Japan fans, we don’t doubt that trend will stop.

Now it’s time for Yoshikitty’s 10th birthday, and they’re making a grand gesture of it.

▼ “Happy birthday to me!”

Fans of both Yoshikitty and Yoshiki surely know that they don’t do things cheap, and only the finest quality will do. Maybe that’s why they teamed up with Tanaka Ginza Jewelry to make a very special product. “K18 Yoshikitty” is a 1.6-inch figurine made of 1.2 ounces of solid 18 karat gold.

▼ Yes, entirely of gold.

K18 Yoshikitty features Yoshikitty’s signature hairstyle, eye shadow, and coat with the official X Japan logo on the back. It also comes in its own case. Only 100 of these babies are available, but they don’t come cheap. One figure costs a staggering 1,100,000 yen (US$10,130), tax and special case included. That must not seem like a lot to someone who casually donates 10 million yen to a good cause.

▼ 18-karat cuteness doesn’t come easy, but it’s worth it.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own K18 Yoshikitty, you only have until March 31, 2020 to do so. They’re available for sale exclusively at Tanaka Ginza’s direct-managed stores and online shop.

Happy birthday to Yoshikitty, even if most of us can’t afford you!

Source, images: PR Times
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