The future is here, and it’s weird.

Greetings everyone! About a month back I passed a very special milestone, having written 3,000 articles for SoraNews24. To celebrate, we decided to do something very special and enlisted the help of an AI to generate a full article after being giving a data set of my entire portfolio, dating back to 2011, when most of the stuff I wrote would make me cringe today.

I then inputted it into a simplified version of the famous GPT-2 designed by Max Woolf and let it chew on my cumulative writing history. After that, it could generate completely original articles based on the data’s information and style.

The following is the fruits of this experiment: The entire passage is completely unedited and untouched by human hands. I handled formatting (centering and text size only), added the videos, and created all of the images based on the AI-generated writing, but that is the extent of my involvement.



Scuttlebutt was again able to walk away with some good news

A few days ago, we reported on the world’s first robot to walk…

Despite having no legs, the little blue robot pictured above seems to be moving at a surprisingly brisk pace.

And what could possibly go wrong? It’s an interesting robot with a strong handshake and no limp body. We sent a reporter to see it in action, and while some of the robots in this video may look like regular guys, their hands naturally reach around for people and sometimes even things.

The robot’s only known handicap is its apparently wide girth of about 13 centimeters (4’3”) and 5.5” (6’3”) which we assume is a testament to its ability to easily balance and balance well.

You’re going to have to be a fan of the animated feature film Avatar to enjoy this video.

The robot’s name is Scuttlebutt and while it certainly is a considerable jump in technology to walk like a human would, its general attitude seems to be: “Wha? Wha? What the hell is that?! You gonna take my shoes?”

Of course after watching the video it’s hard not to be reminded of the thunderous crashing sound that accompanies the opening scene of Avatar. Even if you’re not familiar with the series, there are still some neat tricks up its sleeve like its jiggling arms and legs.

And now, we can see Scuttlebutt standing in for someone else: the undead. The robot is said to have four heads, four legs, and a mouth covered in bloody mites.

“No, the undead are just sitting around waiting for me to come…”

It’s not clear why the robot is wearing its human form, but its eyes are on a monitor with a slightly blank expression. It might be wearing a coffin or a sack, or perhaps some kind of skeleton or other structure to hold it.

Or it could just be rocking out to a world away from home and/or the Internet.

“The undead are walking through a window for me.”

“I have to use some toilet paper…”

“I’m gonna get a hammer to…”

“That’s it! I’m gonna save everyone a trip to the hospital!”

“I’m gonna make a giant robot heart and soul for everyone.”

“The robot heart is actually a turtle!”

“I’m gonna make the hearts of the world into tiny little heart strings…”

We’ll be keeping an updated list of all the images and videos that we find online as we continue our search for the missing robot. If you have any further videos that we may miss, let us know below.



So, there you have it. The view of Japan as seen from a mind which has read nothing but my articles for the past nine years…

If you too would like to have fun with AI generated text, simply work for a news site for the better part of a decade, then take all your written work over to Max Woolf’s Blog, linked below, and he’ll show you the rest. Actually, you can probably skip the first step, but be warned that results may vary.

Source: Max Woolf’s Blog/How To Make Custom AI-Generated Text With GPT-2
Top image: Pakutaso
Hammer Picture: Pakutaso
Turtle Picture: Pakutaso
Other images ©SoraNews24
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