It’s “what you have always wanted and needed.”

In this day and age, where it’s important to keep your hands clean, there has never been a more difficult time to pick your nose.

Such a dilemma got our Japanese language reporter Masanuki Sunakoma thinking, what is the best way to successfully pick your nose while at the same time keeping your hands clean and preventing any viruses from entering your nose through your fingers? 

Thankfully, a Google search let Masanuki find the Nose Picker, which is, according to its description, “what you have always wanted and needed“. The “finger” automatically spins to “manually clear your nasal passage of unwanted blockages”.

Masanuki was keen to get started and get his nose passages completely clear, so he popped in some AA batteries and began his nasal adventure.

Seeing it spin like this is, well… a little embarrassing. The finger was pretty thick, and Masanuki became concerned as to how practical the Nose Picker would actually be for evicting any boogers from his nose.

Nevertheless, he popped it in his bag and set off to find the perfect nose picking spot.

The Nose Picker finger compared to Masanuki’s finger.
As you can see, the Nose Picker is pretty thick.

One of the perks of the Nose Picker is that it’s portable, so Masanuki took it for a walk. He goes on walks daily to feel refreshed and clear his mind. And while his mind was certainly clear with the fresh air and beautiful scenery, his nasal passage was blocked, so it was time to test out the Nose Picker.

Is there anything better than picking your nose in the middle of such a beautiful scene? Sure, the Nose Picker’s design kind of stood out against the peaceful scenery, but there was something magnificent about the whirring sound of the finger spinning, echoing in the silence.

The scene was set. The sun was gently setting, covering the grass with a warm glow. Masanuki raised his Nose Picker and let it rotate near his nostrils for a bit.

It was time.


Looks like it didn’t fit. The finger was just too thick.

Not only didn’t it fit into Masanuki’s nose, but when it made contact with his nose it stopped spinning entirely. Hey! What happened to this “revolutionary spinning”? How are you supposed to pick your nose if the finger stops spinning?

In the end, the Nose Picker was unable to pick a single booger from Masanuki’s nose. While it certainly looks impressive, it just isn’t practical for nose picking. Looks like we will have to stick to our traditional nose picking methods in the future.

But while it doesn’t help with blocked noses, Masanuki hasn’t given up hope that the Nose Picker can be used for something. He’s going to play around with it a little more and hopefully find a better use for it. Look forward to further updates from Masanuki in the future!

In the meantime, if you have a blocked nose, try out this Japanese lifehack with a plastic bottle!

Photos: ©SoraNews24
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