And all it involves is an empty plastic bottle and your armpit.

Getting a stuffy nose can be annoying and particularly dreadful when trying to sleep. Natural remedies can help, but short of buying decongestants from the nearest drugstore there seems to be little one can do to immediately alleviate blocked sinuses.

Japanese Twitter user @dobu_p tried out various methods he saw on social media, and has sworn that one particular technique works for even the most stubborn of sinuses.

▼ All you need is a plastic bottle.
(Translation below)

“Among all the findings I’ve gleaned from Twitter, I’ve found the best method to be the one where you take an empty plastic bottle and squeeze it in the armpit of the opposite side of your blocked nostril, which allows the parasympathetic nervous system to clear the sinus… thank you….”

So if your left nostril is congested, all you have to do is sandwich a bottle in your right armpit (or vice versa) and it’s all fixed! @dobu_p also found that using 500 milliliter bottles achieved the best relief, though this may be different for other people.

▼ Plastic bottles solving human problems since time immemorial.

Encouraged by his discovery, Japanese netizens also chimed in with their own ways of unblocking stuffy noses:

“Sit-ups also work wonders, and it’ll come into effect shortly after you begin doing it. In general, anything that directs blood flow away from your nose works!”

“You can also try another technique. If your right nostril is blocked, just lie down on the bed on your left side and extend your arm out a little. It’ll clear immediately.”

“Hold some water or tea in your mouth and wait for it to unblock in no time. You can do this at work too!”

Say goodbye to blocked sinuses forever! Although some netizens have a few remedies of their own, the bottle technique seems to be the most popular, giving us even more reason to keep one of them lying around the house. With a little modification, they’ll even turn into a bunch of other useful household items.

Source: Twitter/@dobu_p via Hachima Kiko
Top image: GAHAG
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