Evangelion is known for its strange merchandising tie-ups, and now it wants to help those hitting the links between giant robot battles.

A constant theme in Neon Genesis Evangelion is the way protagonist Shinji struggles with deciding what he wants to do with his life, but things are a lot simpler on the other side of the battle line. Week after week, the invading alien lifeforms known as the Angels are after one thing: the destruction of all human life.

But now one of the Angels is breaking ranks and taking on the role of protector.

That’s Sachiel, the first opponent Shinji ever fights, but reimagined as an adorable plushie. Instead of jabbing gigantic spikes out of its forearms like its anime counterpart, this Sachiel is a head cover that protects golf clubs. Manufactured by Japanese golf supplier Hokushin Koeki, the designers promise that Sachiel will also provide an enormous sense of presence sticking out of your golf bag.

While Evangelion is often described as a mixture of classic giant robot anime tropes and clinical depression, creator Hideaki Anno’s love of kaiju rubber suit monster/tokusatusu live-action special effects shows is another key ingredient in the recipe, and just like fans of Godzilla and Ultraman sometimes cheer for the titular stars’ more charismatic adversaries, so too have some Eva fans developed a sort of affection for their favorite Angels, with Sachiel being particularly popular.

▼ By the way, this Sachiel is officially classified as the Fourth Angel, making him technically part of the franchise’s Rebuild of Evangelion continuity, not the TV series (where he’s the Third Angel).

On the other hand, if the part you found appealing about Eva’s sci-fi world wasn’t the homicidal aliens, but the warm-weather penguins, there’s also a club head cover of Pen Pen, perhaps the only character in the series without some deep-seated psychological trauma.

▼ Both the Pen Pen and Sachiel covers are sized for drivers.

Once you’ve slipped off your angel or penguin cover and whacked your ball to the green, if you need a marker for it those are available in Evangelion Unit-01 and 02 versions. Both models are flip-up types, a style popular in Japan, and come with a clip that allows you to attach them to your hat when not in use.

▼ Deploying them is like creating your own little AT Field around where your ball landed.

The club covers are priced at 6,000 yen (US$56) each and the markers at 2,300 yen, and are offered through Hokushin Koeki’s online Rakuten store here. Meanwhile, if golf isn’t your thing but you still find yourself wanting to spend more time with Sachiel, there’s always the Evangelion Tamagotchi that we just tried out.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: Rakuten/HTC Golf (1, 2), PR Times
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