The future is here with this dystopian design.

The whole of Japan is officially in a state of emergency as of April 16 due to the coronavirus and as a result, many aspects of daily life are changing. In many ways, it feels like the future is arriving much sooner than expected. You could even say that life has started to become a bit dystopian.

Twitter user @AkaneSato added to this dystopian vision when she posted a picture of something she’d just received in the mail.

▼ “I bought clothes from Uniqlo, and they came in this box.”

Akane had made a purchase with popular clothes retailer Uniqlo. Uniqlo is a brand that is not afraid to collaborate with major icons in Japanese pop culture and in the past have teamed up with Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon and Mario to name but a few. So what have they collaborated with this time? At first glance, even Akane wasn’t sure, and commented:

“Seeing as we’ve just been put in a state of emergency, the design of this box is really dystopian. It seems to be a collaboration with Eva.”

Eva, or Neon Genesis Evangelion, have teamed up with Uniqlo to make a range of T-shirts to celebrate the upcoming movie release. In addition to the range of T-shirts, a limited edition Evangelion cardboard box is also available. The design of the box uses the imagery found in the series, in particular the font. For example, the top of the box says “衣類 (irui)” which, in the Evangelion font looks a little intimidating. But don’t worry, irui just means ‘clothes’.

Even though Akane seemed oblivious to the campaign, she received her items in the limited-edition box, as any order made on the online store automatically gets shipped in the box, regardless if it’s an order related to the Evangelion goods or not.

While Evangelion fans were pleased with the collaboration, Twitter users were left puzzled by the design of the box.

“I also got this box. I didn’t know about the EVA collaboration, so I assumed it was related to coronavirus. But it’s just promo for the movie, haha!”

And while it might not be clear for people who aren’t fans of the series, for some the design was obvious.

Japanese fans were thrilled with the promotional box, with many of them wanting one for themselves.

“I want that box!!”
“I wouldn’t throw this box out. I’d just let them pile up.”
“Now I kind of want to buy something so I can get this box!”
“The box is too awesome to even open!”
“I really want that box, but I don’t need to buy any clothes…”

If you want to get your hands on this box, it’s available with any purchase from the Japanese Uniqlo online store until April 24 while stocks last. And for fans of Shinji and the gang, you can look forward to a lot more collaborations with the upcoming movie close to being released.

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Source, top image: Twitter@AkaneSato
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