Suspect charges the police with theft for a change.

Perhaps it could be said that what makes a really good cop is the ability to rise above common human urges and uphold the integrity of the uniform. Not everyone can do that though, and sometimes the responsibilities of law enforcement take a backseat to pure, unadulterated friskiness.

This was the case on 28 October of last year, when a senior officer decided to lay it all on the line for some erotic video.

The incident occurred at the Nishiarai Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department when a suspect’s smartphone was being analyzed as evidence. Once the procedure was complete the 36-year-old officer on the case decided to take a bathroom break, with the phone still in hand.

Apparently a certain video or videos with sexual content caught his eye during the analysis, and using the privacy of the lavatory, he sent the content from the suspect’s phone to his own using the social media messaging app LINE. That particular downloading method proved to be the officer’s undoing.

▼ LINE is the leading app for Japanese people to exchange ideas

After the phone was returned to the suspect, he noticed the LINE transfer that was made without his permission and reported it to the police. The ensuing investigation led back to the officer, who was reprimanded on 9 October of this year. As punishment for tampering with evidence, his salary was to be docked 10 percent for the next three months.

However, as he was also facing criminal charges of “unauthorized computer access,” he voluntarily resigned on the spot. He also told the other officers that he did it “out of curiosity.”

Readers of the news were largely lenient on the actual crime but less so on the sloppy way he went about it.

“Haha, sounds like he wanted to investigate himself a little bit.”
“I think it’s not a big deal, but leaving evidence is just stupid.”
“Dirty videos are meant to be shared.”
“A guy’s horniness outweighs the law.”
“At least it seems like he had a lot of time to enjoy it fully.”
“You have to delete the chat, man!”
“I’d like to know what video it was before I pass judgment.”
“If it was a regular adult video I think it’s fine, but if it’s something he made himself with his girlfriend, that’s crossing the line.”
“I wonder how often that happens and the officer isn’t caught.”
“LINE?! If it’s an Android, put it use USB. If it’s Apple, AirDrop it. What an idiot.”

True, given the plethora of data transfer methods available today, it’s hard to imagine a more incriminating way to send a video than LINE, which stamped his ID and time at the scene.

Maybe he should have used the “I was just borrowing the video” excuse as that’s been known to work sometimes.

Source: The Sankei News, Hachima Kiko
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