Magic at the arcade as world champions dance an amazing dual-play.

Romantic relationships always go smoother when the person you fall in love with understands and accepts that as into them as you are, you also have other passions and interests. For example, Japanese Twitter user @ugogon is a pretty hard-core gamer, and he’s specifically into dance games.

In other words, his hobby is a sub-category of a type of entertainment that not everyone personally enjoys, so he’s lucky to have found a wife who’s accommodating of his desire to get up on arcade machine dance daises and jump around…and when we say accommodating, we mean she gets up there with him, and dances with as much passion and skill as he does.

▼ “No matter what my hobbies are, my wife is really understanding and is willing to take part in them with me…actually, if anything she has a tendency to be TOO understanding, and after just a few tries she usually becomes way better at them than me.”

At first glance, it might look like @ugogon and his lady love are playing Dance Dance Revolution, but that’s actually Pump It Up, a far less commonly seen dance game from manufacturer Andamiro. The relative obscurity of the game, though, doesn’t seem to have diminished the couple’s enthusiasm for playing it with maximum flair, as their routine includes hopping on and off the dais, flinging themselves to the floor and onto the railings, and striking dramatic finishing poses as the song reaches its end.

In addition to nearly two million views, the couple’s video has been racking up breathless reactions such as:

“They’re not just stomping around randomly, they’re actually hitting the right beats for the game.”
“Meeting and marrying someone you’re on the same page with is the key to happiness.”
“So nice to have someone who understands you.”
“Looks like you have a great life. Take good care of each other!”
“This is art.”
“It’s performance art.”

That last comment is certifiably true, as @ugogon says that he and his wife have together won four consecutive Pump It Up world championships. This video of the two of them just having some fun at an arcade has gotten a bigger reaction than any of his championship announcements, though, because while it’s nice to be the best in the world, real happiness comes from the love and validation you get from the person closest to you.

Source: Twitter/@ugogon via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@ugogon
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