Making replicas of your pets using a variety of mediums including their own fur seems to be a fad that’s captured the hearts of some of the more natty crafters out there. Now, we’d like to introduce you to woodworking artist and sculptor Mio Hashimoto, whose carvings are almost perfect replicas of various animals including her own pet kitty and doggy (although we think they’re starting to become a tad suspicious…)

Mio Hashimoto uploads snaps of her creations to her twitter account and her website (there’s also an English version!) She specializes in wild animals as well as the more standard domesticated cat and dog replicas. Let’s check out some of her work!

▼ Looks like this life-size doppelganger of kitty Muu-chan is making Muu-chan all kinds of nervous!

▼ Can you spot the real canine in this picture?

▼ A tiny wooden kitty stalks some tiny wooden birds

▼ Here we can see pup trying to bond with his painted counterpart – sweet!

Watership-Down-style rabbit carnage seems imminent as this collection of wooden kitties surrounds a helpless bunny

▼ Okay, how adorable is this tiny shiba inu?!

▼ The expressions on the animals’ faces are so lifelike!

▼ A pretty calico kitty contemplates an adorable mini pup and squirrel, expertly crafted in the medium of wood.

▼ Is this a real cat, or a wooden replica? You’ll have to look closely in order to tell!

Although a wooden pet might have some benefits (less likely to pee on the rug and hypo-allergenic to boot!) we’re pretty sure we’d opt for a real-life flesh and blood kitty or doggy over a wooden replica any day (although they certainly make nice ornaments!)

Image: Twitter (hashimotomio)