Hello Kitty loves to cosplay and this time she’s dressing up as a badass schoolgirl with a machine gun.

When it comes to playing dress-up, there’s nobody Hello Kitty can’t emulate. We’ve seen her as Sadako, from the hit horror flick The Ring, and as a super robot from the anime series Mazinger Z. Now, for the first time, she’ll be carrying a machine gun. And it’s all in honour of a new movie called Sailor Suit and Machine Gun: Graduation, which will be released on 5 March this year.

The movie is a sequel to the 1981 movie Sailor Suit and Machine Gun, which was based on a fictional novel about a teenage schoolgirl who becomes the head of a yakuza clan. She fights members of rival clans with a submachine gun, all while dressed in her sailor-style school uniform.


The highly anticipated new movie stars Japanese idol singer Kanna Hashimoto as Izumi Hoshi, the sailor-suit wearing main character of the film.

To mark the movie’s release, the “Hoshi Izumi x Hello Kitty” collaboration will see Sanrio’s adorable character dressed up in a sailor suit, sporting a wig and carrying a machine gun, just like the female protagonist of the film. The team behind the project mentions that Hello Kitty is cosplaying, which means her pink-coloured gun is actually a toy replica, and not a real weapon. A special line-up of goods featuring the cute image, including notepads, ballpoint pens, pencils, clear files, stickers and towels, will be available from 5 March at movie theatres screening the film.

To take a look at the character that inspired Hello Kitty to cosplay, check out the trailer for the film below.

Source: Aol News
Top Image: Twitter/@eigacom (edited by RocketNews24)