Shinji had to be talked into one, but we don’t think we’d ever want to leave.

For as influential as it’s become in the years since its release, Evangelion takes a lot of inspiration from previous Japanese works of science fiction. Its fight choreography and musical score draw heavily from Ultraman and Godzilla, and even protagonist Shinji’s “teenager reluctantly pilots combat mecha built by his father” scenario is something that had happened years earlier to Gundam’s Amuro.

But Evangelion has ideas all its own too, and one of them is the Entry Plugs. Cylindrical cockpits that can be inserted to or removed from the base of the Evas’ necks, the Entry Plugs are the front-row seats to the series’ stunning action sequences.

Of course, a major theme in Evangelion is that actually having to hop into a mecha to fight giant alien monsters would probably do a number on your psyche, so the official Evangelion Store is now offering real-world Entry Plugs to do something much more relaxing in: sleep.

The Entry Plug Sleeping Bag is modeled specifically on Shinji’s Entry Plug for use with Eva Unit-01. At 195 centimeters (76.8 inches) long it might not fit all professional basketball who also happen to be anime enthusiasts, but most Eva fans should have enough space to get cozy inside.

The sleeping bag comes with a carrying cover, naturally sporting the purple-and-green color scheme of Unit-01’s paint job, that the bag can be rolled up and stuffed into when not in use. However, with cold weather already here, we don’t think we’d crawl out of our blanketed Entry Plug until springtime, especially if we had one of those new Evangelion Tamagotchis to keep us entertained.

The Entry Plug Sleeping Bag is priced at 19,800 yen (US$189), and can be ordered here through the Evangelion Store online shop.

Source, images: Evangelion Store
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