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The attention to detail and sheer beauty of each piece shines through as if made by descending Angels.

Collaboration pieces with elements of our favorite anime and TV shows are always worthy of our attention, but this lineup of rings and necklaces from U-Treasure by K. Uno is one of the most spectacular ones we’ve seen yet. Fusing the iconic images from the Evangelion series with high-quality materials and gemstones creates these gorgeous results that are blowing our minds, and all we’ve seen so far are the sketches!

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Three pieces of jewelry have been designed, including rings modeled after each pilot’s entry plugs, “White Moon” and “Black Moon” rings and finally Unit 13 necklaces.


The entry plugs in the series are long, capsule-shaped objects that hold the cockpit and the pilot of an Evangelion Unit which, when bent around, turn into perfect rings. In this beautiful design, there are four options available with different gemstones representative of the color associated with that Evangelion. Unit 00 has a yellow sapphire, Unit 01 has an amethyst, Unit 02 has a garnet and Unit 05 has a green tourmaline.


The rings of the “White Moon” and “Black Moon” are representative of the transport vessels of Adam and Lilith. The outside of the rings is a replica of the craterous moon surface while the inside hides a gemstone, which is different for each ring. The White Moon also has the Lance of Longinus engraved onto the inside of the band.


The final pieces in this collection are necklaces that are painstakingly detailed in platinum to look like Unit 13 from Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. Both version feature a double halo of diamonds. The red version uses the techniques of cloisonné to create the fading background.

These exquisite items will be on sale on the U-Treasure website from August 6 and will be available for purchase at the Tokyo・Ikebukuro P’Parco 2nd Floor Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 on August 6 and 7. The prices for these items haven’t been released yet, but judging from other projects U-Treasure by K. Uno have released, expect them to cost a pretty yenny. However, for a true fan of either jewelry or Evangelion, when something looks this good, it’s definitely worth the wait and the price.

Source: KAI-YOU
Images: U-Treasure by K. Uno, PR Times