We mustn’t run away from this bold new frontier in frozen desserts.

Part of what makes Evangelion unique is its commitment to examining how operating a team of giant, alien-fighting robots would really work, in a practical sense. For example, the human-like movements so many anime mecha make are far too complex to perform with conventional physical controls like a stick or pedals, and so protagonist Shinji and his fellow pilots need to mind-meld with their Eva units via a breathable orange liquid called LCL.

Within the anime, LCL is sourced from the Terminal Dogma level deep within the basement of Eva operator Nerv’s headquarters. This summer, though, you’ll be able to get your hands on packs of LCL at any convenience store in Japan!

Confectioner Lotte is set to release LCL-flavored ice cream as the newest addition to its Coolish line. While it isn’t a pure liquid like the LCL seen in the anime, Coolish is a slushy treat that can be drunk straight out of its soft pouch package.

The substance itself hasn’t been shown off yet, but it’ll presumably be the same bright hue of orange as the LCL that fills the Eva units’ cockpits prior to launch. As for what LCL tastes like, Lotte says it’s “sports drink-flavored,” which in Japan usually refers to a subtly grapefruit-like citrus taste, like that of popular sports drinks Pocari Sweat of Aquarius.

LCL ice cream packages feature illustrations of one of seven Evangelion characters, including central trio Shinji, Rei, and Asuka, or the distinctive Eva franchise font announcing “Drinkable ice cream” and “Keep in freezer.”

It’s an occasionally overlooked bit of world-building that within the setting of Evanglion, Japan is in a state of perpetual summer and perhaps that’s why Lotte is billing this as a refreshing and invigorating choice for a hot, humid day. However, since summer only lasts so long in the real world, LCL ice cream will be available for a limited time, starting July 20 and priced at 151 yen (US$1.40).

Source: PR Times via Entabe
Images: PR Times
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