Free yourself from the mask musk with minty freshness!

As the pandemic rages on, many of us have been donning a face mask while out and about to keep others safe, and for those who work in people-facing jobs, this can mean wearing a mask for a full workday and keeping the same piece of fabric clasped snugly to your nose and lips. Not only does this feel kind of uncomfortable, but it means any aromas eking out of your mouth are backchanneled into your nostrils. Even those with impeccable oral hygiene are forced to relive the lingering odors of whatever you ate for lunch; it’s a real pain in the nose.

▼ This stinks! Literally!

In two October 2020 surveys conducted by Mintia, a breath mint company known for its seasonal flavors and stylish flat packaging, participants were asked about their experiences wearing face masks within a single month and then about their primary concerns while wearing a mask in that time. The initial survey had 8,762 participants, male and female, between the ages of 20 and 50, while the second had 339 participants, male and female, between the ages of 20 and 40.

Both surveys yielded a wealth of mask-related complaints. Top of the list was “it’s tough to breathe in”, with “it steams up inside it” and “it gets hot” hot on its heels. In fourth place was “I worry about the smells getting trapped inside it”, then “it makes my skin dirty/dries it out”. Another two odor-related complaints next: “I worry about my own bad breath” and “I worry how the mask smells”.

With mask breath being a real and present concern, Mintia thought up a way to battle it: with a brand new breath mint, specially formulated to combat the dingy smell inside your face mask.

▼ Introducing Mintia + Mask Peppermint (green) and Mintia + Mask Citrus Mint (orange).

Each thin, card-shaped container contains 50 breath mint capsules. Peppermint is made with green tea polyphenol and eucalyptus extract, while Citrus Mint contains collagen—but both contain a cooling and refreshing scent designed not only to cleanse the inside of your mouth but also work its way up to your nasal passage and work its magic there.

The package even comes with a cute wrap design intended to evoke the ear-loop of a face mask, so its intended use is clear. The mints are already on shelves, so brighten up the inside of your mask and free yourself from the worries of bad breath, even after eating!

Source, top image: PR Times
Insert images: Pakutaso, PR Times

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