Japanese brand Mintia produces specially formulated breath mints for mask-wearers

Free yourself from the mask musk with minty freshness!

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Muji’s garlic sauce potato chips are perfectly pungent enough to warrant an investigation

Our reporter pulls out all the stops in an attempt the quantify the as-yet-unexperienced olfactory power of these chips. 

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We try out the R-rated “world’s smelliest burger” from a Tokyo burger cafe

Does this washed cheese burger smell as bad as advertised, and if so, what does it taste like?

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Why does my cat’s poop stink so much? Japanese scientists bust the myth behind feline turds

It’s neither diet nor parasites, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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Japanese composer expresses smelly breath as music【Videos】

Hear the stench of fermented soybeans, herring.

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Japanese scientists debunk popular belief about the “old-person smell”

What do you dread the most about growing old? Is it the aching muscles after what used to be an easy exercise routine? The need to get up and pee multiple times during the night? Or how about that distinctive “old-person smell” that sneaks into the air whenever a senior citizen is around?

Speaking of that last one, have you ever wondered where that particular odor comes from? Although many people believe that the source of the smell is behind the ears, a team of Japanese researchers have recently disproved this theory after what must have been an excruciatingly odoriferous ordeal. You might want to plug your nose for this one, folks–things are about to smell more than a little fishy around here…

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