Why just be a home chef when you can be a home bartender too?

Most kitchen gadgets with “maker” or “cooker” in the name are pretty easy to guess the purpose of. A rice cooker, obviously, cooks rice, and a bread maker makes bread. But what does the Senbero Maker do?

To get to the answer, we need to make a short side trip into Japanese linguistics. First, sen is the Japanese word for “1,000,” and bero is a shortened version of bero bero/”drunk.” Basically, senbero is an inexpensive drinking session that costs about 1,000 yen [US$9.70], usually done at a casual neighborhood izakaya pub.

And it’s that local pub experience that the Senbero Maker recreates, all with one handy cooking appliance that you can plug into an outlet and place on your table.

The gadget lets you prepare three types of izakaya staple snacks, plus one distinct drink. On the food front, you get a wide grill for cooking yakitori chicken skewers, a pot for stewing oden (assorted meats, vegetables, tofu and seafood cooked in dashi stock), and a smaller grill for roasting or searing other bite-sized snacks.

And, since it’s not a pub without a stiff drink, you also get a pot for preparing atsukan, as hot sake is called.

▼ The Senbero Maker comes with a tokkuri sake bottle and ochokko sake cup.

The Senbero Maker is entirely electric, with no open flames, and compact enough to easily fit on a kitchen table.

In addition to the standard 31.5-centimeter (12.4-inch) long Senbero Maker, Liton is also putting the finishing touches on a larger-size Nisenbero Maker, for if you’ve got a drinking buddy to knock a few back with in your at-home pub.

The Senbero Maker can be ordered through Rakuten or Amazon, with prices ranging from around 6,000 yen (US$58), while the Nisenbero Maker goes on sale at the end of the month.

Source: PR Times, Lithon
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