How to make a never-ending supply of cafe-quality milk tea at home…all at the push of a button. 

Walk into pretty much any home kitchen these days and you’ll find a coffee maker of some sort. Walk into our kitchen, though, and you’ll find a Milk Tea Maker, which, in our opinion, is a life-changer.

Released by Japanese company Récolte at the end of last year, this handy kitchen gadget allows you to make a big cup of frothy milk tea at the touch of a button. And the teas it makes are so cafe-quality amazing, you’ll never have to venture outside to buy a milk tea ever again!

▼ Priced at 7,700 yen (US$67.15) the Récolte Milk Tea Maker is a great investment.

If you were to make a proper milk tea at home without this gadget, you’d have to go through the following six steps:

① Boil water
② Steep tea leaves
③ Add tea to milk in a pot over a low flame
④ Keep an eye on the mixture, turning it off when it becomes frothy
⑤ Turn off the heat and let it steep a little longer
⑥ Pour the liquid into a cup through a sieve to catch the tea leaves

As much as we love our milk teas, we just don’t have the time nor the patience to stand by the stove to make them. Leaving the process to the machine means we no longer have to worry about checking the temperature or dealing with scalding milk sticking to the bottom of the pot — there’s no danger of anything boiling over here.

All you have to do is add the specified amount of water, tea leaves and milk to the tea strainer in the middle, and press the button. The machine then automatically starts and stops as it goes through the process of steeping, heating and mixing, and after about eight minutes, the machine will sound out a “ping” to let you know the milk tea is ready!

▼ The maximum amount that can be made at one time is 350 millilitres (11.8 ounces).

Your taste buds will begin salivating as soon as you lift the lid off the mixing bowl and pour all its frothy contents into a mug. The temperature of the mix is around 70 degrees Celsius (158 degrees Fahrenheit), which is ideal for milk tea.

As soon as you take a sip, you’ll want to hug this sweet-looking gadget and buy one for all the other milk tea lovers in your life. The taste is completely different from the royal milk teas made on the stove or in the microwave, as it’s noticeably richer and creamier, yet smoother at the same time.

If you like your milk teas really frothy, you can easily make some additional milk foam by switching modes on the machine. We always like to add some additional foam, and though you can add sugar to the mix at the beginning, we like to add a sprinkling of demerara sugar at the end to give it that real cafe-style look.

Once you’ve used the machine a few times, you can play around with all the ratios and settings to get your perfect milk tea blend.

▼ And at the end of each use, all the inner pieces can be removed for easy cleaning.

▼ Be careful to avoid submerging the actual body of the machine in water, though, as that will damage electronics inside.

With a Milk Tea Maker in your kitchen, you’ll not only be able to enjoy a never-ending supply of milk teas — you’ll also be able to create other fancy drinks like caramel macchiatos, yoghurt lassis, and even bonito broth!

Thanks to the Milk Tea Maker, our lives have become richer, creamier, and far more smooth, just like the drinks themselves. Now we’ve got just one more beverage to perfect, the Royal Milk Tea Frappuccino, and then we may never leave the house ever again!

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