New service is part of restaurant’s goal of “cheering for ladies and everyone who’s doing their best.”

Japan has a soft spot for themed restaurants, and one of the more unique is Cheers One, a cafe with a stylish but relaxed interior design, and where the wait staff are cheerleaders.

To be clear, it’s not just that they wear cheerleader outfits. The staff, on request, will perform cheer and dance routines, lifting customers’ spirits and filling them with energy and confidence ahead of an important presentation, project deadline, or whatever their personal version of “the big game” happens to be.

The Cheers One chain got started in 2019, but at the end of April the Tokyo Ginza branch added a new aspect to their service with the addition of their first male cheerleader.

Takahiro-kun, Cheers One’s first “cheer boy,” is an experienced stage musical dancer, and the cafe says that all of its male cheerleaders will have a background in professional dance, having worked with theme parks, theater productions, or live concerts.

▼ The cafe has also put out a piece of promotional artwork, suggesting they may have already found their second cheer boy.

As with its female cheerleaders, Cheers One’s male cheerleaders will be serving and performing at the Ginza cafe, but can also be booked for 45-minute online cheer sessions via Zoom, for those who could use some pep provision but are unable to make the trip to Tokyo or are worried about in-restaurant dining in the current health climate.

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