Making curry rice and beef bowls is now easier and faster than ever. 

It can be hard to cook up meals for one at home after a long day at work or uni, but thanks to a new product from Japanese cooking gadget maker Thanko it’ll now be the highlight of the day.

Called the Takitatedon, this new gadget is a bowl-shaped two-layer cooker that cooks up rice and your desired topping at the same time, essentially creating a “takitatedon” or “freshly cooked donburi rice bowl“.

▼ Not only is it a super convenient way to make a rice bowl meal, it’s also super fast, as the whole meal is ready to eat in just 15 minutes.

As the image above shows, the appliance cooks up rice in the bottom portion of the cooker, while the top tray sits above it, conveniently using the steam created during the cooking process to heat up your topping.

There are just three steps required to use the cooker, and they’re so easy to follow that even first-time cooks will be able to use it. All you have to do is add rice, pour in water up to the appropriate line, then place your topping into the tray, sit it on top and attach the lid, then press the button.

▼ The cooker takes either half a go or a go of rice (traditional measurements, where one go is a serving for one person equal to 150 grams [5.3 ounces]).

The appliance can be used every day of the week, with Thanko offering suggestions for a weekly rotation of meals below. Top to bottom, left to right, we have: Monday — Retort Beef Bowl, Tuesday — Large Curry Rice, Wednesday — Oyakodon (Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl), Thursday — Grilled Salmon and Vegetables, Friday — Retort Chinese Rice Bowl,  Saturday — Takikomi Gohan and Vegetable Side Dish, Sunday — Convenience Store Side Dish.

While retort pouch packs are a popular choice to use as a topping, the gadget can also heat up toppings like leftover side dishes and side dishes purchased from supermarkets and convenience stores, and it can steam food as well, allowing you to enjoy a wide variety of meals with rice throughout the week.

Another perk is the fact that the bowl can be removed from the heating element, so you can eat straight from it, saving you the hassle of setting the table…

▼ …and cutting down on the amount of washing afterwards, as there are just four pieces that need to be cleaned, along with your chopsticks.

▼ This short video shows the gadget in action.

The cooker is compact, with the bowl measuring in at 18 centimetres (seven inches) across and 14.8 centimetres in height, and the heating element measuring 18 centimetres across and six centimetres in height.

Despite its compact size, you can make up to two small bowls of rice and a large size 300-millilitre (10-ounce) topping at a time, so even those with big appetites won’t go hungry.

Being able to make a fresh donburi rice bowl at home in just 15 minutes is something busy people like us could’ve only dreamed of in the past, and the best thing about it is it won’t break the bank, as it’s priced at just 5,980 yen (US$39.96).

It’s a lot cheaper than having to buy a rice cooker in a country where rice cookers can cost 60,000 yen (US$400.97), and for those who’ve just moved out of home and find themselves in cramped kitchens, this is the only appliance they’ll need to stay well fed.

Although with products like the one-person instant ramen pot, mini oden maker and the izakaya gadget for one, there’s no end to the amazing solo gadgets you can fill your kitchen with!

Source, images: Thanko via Net Lab
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