It only requires two ingredients, so it can’t be hard to mess up, right?

When the SoraNews24 team sees a cool recipe or gadget on social media, you know we’re up for trying it out ourselves. One video we recently came across showed a device that could make sausage egg rolls–essentially a whole sausage surrounded by cooked egg–and our Japanese-language reporter Masanuki Sunakoma had to try it out.

The Automatic Mini Egg Roll Maker cost him 2,816 yen (US$19.65) including shipping fees and was delivered to him in a worryingly battered-looking box. But when he opened it up, a shiny and new Automatic Mini Egg Roll Maker was waiting for him. It also included a cleaning brush, some skewers, and an instruction manual.

He started his egg roll maker journey by scrubbing the inside with the included cleaning brush, as one does when they get a new kitchen gadget.

Then, he prepared his super simple ingredients: eggs and sausages.  He didn’t see a picture of a sausage egg roll on the product’s page, but he felt the insuppressible urge to replicate the recipe he saw on social media.

To turn it on, he simply plugged it in. He then coated the inside of the egg roll maker with cooking oil, stuck a sausage on a skewer, and inserted it into the maker.

Next, he cracked open an egg and slide both the white and yolk in with the sausage.

He affixed the included lid…

…and waited. That’s it! Automatic machines sure are handy, Masanuki thought. If the sausage egg rolls are this easy to make, he might even be able to start a business selling these on the street. That is, except for one issue.

Where Masanuki expected it to be done in about two or three minutes–indicated by the egg roll rising up out of the cooker–it took much longer. Even after 10 minutes of waiting, there was still no sign of egg or sausage. Maybe it wasn’t automatic after all, Masanuki wondered.

After a total of 30 minutes, it appeared!

It rose higher and higher…

…rising out of the depths as if it were Excalibur being pulled from its stone…

…and it was done (after 30 long minutes)! Unfortunately, the sausage broke halfway through. Maybe Masanuki didn’t stick the skewer in far enough.

Oh well! He slathered some ketchup on it and enjoyed his tasty snack. He was a bit disappointed that the sausage broke, but after testing it two more times, he found the same thing happened. We guess it’s just inherent of the product. The good news is that it only took 15 minutes for the second one to cook, though.

In conclusion, Masanuki would probably not recommend this product. It’s cool if you’re willing to wait a whole 30 minutes for it to be done, but you might end up with a broken snack every time. You’d be better off making it by hand or using a Senbero Maker for an easy dinner.

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