Now you can enjoy hot sake even while out camping!

If you’ve ever been camping with friends, sitting under the stars on a clear night before a fire, then you know that having something to drink makes it all the better. That’s why Japanese outdoor brand Logos has teamed up with sake brewery Nakano Shuzo to make it easier to add hot sake to your next camping trip.

The Handa and Logos Outdoor Hot Sake Set, named for the town Nakano Shuzo is based in, is designed to create new opportunities to enjoy sake, especially when camping in cold weather. It comes with everything you need to enjoy hot sake while in the outdoors, including the sake itself, which is a 720-milliliter (24.3-fluid ounce) Nakano Shuzo Kunizakari Handa Dry Pure Rice Sake.

Reviewers say this sake is excellent to drink warm. In fact, in 2023 it won the All Japan Hot Sake Contest, as well as placed first in the Hot Sake division of the Nagoya Tax Bureau Excellence Awards.

▼ It would go perfect with a bowl of steaming hot oden, which you can serve in the Pokémon tableware set, also from Logos.

The set also comes with Logos’ Portable Outdoor Hot Sake Set, which includes a durable aluminum warming pot, a tokkuri sake jug also made of aluminum, two sake cups, a mat, and a cloth bag to carry it all in. The pot can be warmed up over a grill or a fire, and once the sake is warmed, it can be transferred to the tokkuri jug to maintain the traditional spirit of drinking sake. To give the set an exclusive feel, the pot and jug are decorated with a Logos x Kunizakari logo, designed especially for this collaboration.

This is a great set to gift to a camping fan in your life, or for yourself if you’d love to have a warm pick-me-up around a campfire on a cold night. You can find it on Nakano Shuzo’s online shop for 8,800 yen (US$61.75). And if you or someone you loves is a major hot sake fan but not the outdoorsy type, definitely also check out the Ouchi de Kanzake Set, which is a similar set with a different sake that’s meant to be used at home.

Source, images: PR Times
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