One of the all-time anime/manga greats sets up website form for questions, will answer them through Twitter.

Rumiko Takahashi is now best-known internationally as the creator of Inuyasha, but she’d been creating manga since long before the start of her feudal fairy tale. The then-contemporary setting of one of her earliest hits, for example, 1980’s Maison Ikkoku, is a Japan where all the tenants of an apartment building have to share a single payphone, since none of them are wealthy enough to enjoy such a high-tech luxury as a private phone line.

But time marches on, and so does communication technology, so on June 1 Takahashi gave her fans around the world a very pleasant surprise by announcing that she now has a Twitter account!

The announcement, accompanied by a new illustration of Lum, the female lead of Takahashi’s major debut work, Urusei Yatsura, reads, “I’m not very knowledgeable about the Internet, so I had my editor set up a Twitter account for me. I’ll be announcing various pieces of information here. Please check it out.” There’s also a drawing of a Takahashi version of Amabie, the mythical entity said to ward off disease, with the message “Stay safe from the coronavirus.”

In less than a day, Takahashi has already gained over 190,000 followers, who’ve been posting messages of welcome and nostalgic gratitude in multiple languages.

“Announcing various pieces of information” is a pretty broad statement of purpose for Takahashi’s account, but the artist has given us a bit more of a preview of what’s to come by saying that she’ll be posting answers to questions from fans starting on July 1. So what are those questions? That’s the cool part – they haven’t been selected yet, since Takahashi is asking fans to send them in, and she’ll select 15 of them to post answers to!

Before you start typing a Twitter reply, though, take note that questions are to be submitted not directly to Takahashi’s Twitter account, but via the website here. There’s no rule saying the questions have to come from fans in Japan, but odds are you’ve got the best chance of your question being selected if you submit it in Japanese.

Source: Twitter/@rumicworld1010 via IT Media
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