A food-al fairy tale of themed grub and drink, plus exclusive merch.

There’s a brand-new anime sequel series to Inuyasha on the way, giving us our first glimpse as to what’s been going on in the Japanese fantasy world created by Rumiko Takahashi in a solid decade. But before we feast our eyes on the first episode of Yashahime which premiers this fall, we can spend the summer literally feasting at the Inuyasha Cafe, which is opening three branches in Japan (one in Tokyo, one in Osaka, and one in Nagoya).

Alternately known as the Inuyasha Cafe or the Inuyasha Chaya, the eateries are the latest project by department store Parco’s The Guest themed restaurant team. As expected, there’s a full menu of main dishes, drinks, and desserts, as well as a range of exclusive merchandise, all saluting characters and inspired by elements from the 193 episodes of Inuyasha animation and 56 manga volumes.

Taking center stage is the Inuyasha Beef Sandwich, filled with chili con carne and supposedly sliced in half with Inuyasha’s Kaze no Kizu/Wind Scar sword technique, and accompanied by a paper Tessaiga stirring stick.

If your preferences lie instead with Inuyasha’s cold, calculating brother, there’s the Sesshomaru Chilled Pasta, a complex combination of pepperoncino, cheese, seafood, and cauliflower.

Side characters who aren’t relegated to side-dish status include Koga, whose Whirlwind Plate is a ham-and-cheese filled kadaif (a type of pasta-like pastry) and Shippo’s Baked Curry, featuring the pint-sized yokai transformed into his pink balloon form (actually cotton candy that you melt with apple vinegar before digging in).

Each diner gets one of two place mats to take home.

Moving on to desserts, the Sit, Inuyaha! Parfait encourages you to play with your food, pressing the likeness of Inuyasha deeper and deeper into the glass (but don’t worry, your order also gets you a sticker of Kagome and Inuyasha smiling together after making up).

Mystical forces are at work again in the Kazaana Wind Tunnel Chocolate Cake and Final Battle with Naraku Mousse Plate.

If that paper Tessaiga stirring stick caught your eye up above, it can be yours with the Inuyasha Cranberry Soda Float as well, and the other drink/weapon combos available are the Sesshomaru Calpis Soda Float with Tenseiga and Miroku Grape Soda Float with the wandering monk’s shakujo staff.

There’s also the Kikyo Shikon no Tama Purification Tea and random character art lattes, and each drink gets you one of a dozen art coasters.

Prices for food and drink range from 790 yen (US$7.40) to 1,590 yen, but you’ll probably want to bring more cash than that, since in genuine collaboration cafe style, there’s an attached gift shop selling all sort of exclusive merch, like towels, straps, cups, and clear files.

And if you like your merch doubly exclusive, each location will also be offering a large die-cut Inuyasha Cafe sticker specific to that branch of the restaurant.

▼ Top to bottom: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya

The Inuyasha Cafe will be in operation at Osaka’s The Guest Cafe and Diner from July 30 to September 22, Tokyo’s Tokyo Parade Goods & Cafe (in Shibuya) from August 6 to October 6, and Nagoya’s Nagoya the Guest Cafe & Diner from October 8 to November 29. Considering how much fun we had at The Guest’s Ranma 1/2 Cafe, we’re sure they’ll do an awesome job with Inuyasha too.

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Images: Press release

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