The designer got the Olympic athlete right down to her freckles.

The past few months haven’t exactly been easy for Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka, but here’s one piece of positive news coming right in time for the Tokyo Olympics. On July 12, Mattel added a specially designed Naomi Osaka doll to their collection. The Grand Slam champion replica was designed by Carlyle Nuera, who has also designed Barbie Dolls in the past like Billie Jean King, Ella Fitzgerald, and more.

▼ She’s decked out in Nike gear, and it’s adorable.

The doll sports Osaka’s 2020 Australian Open outfit – a Nike tennis dress with a brushstroke print – and the doll itself comes with fully movable limbs, a visor, a tennis racket, a tennis ball, a sweatband, shoes, and a doll stand.

▼ Fans will surely love the doll’s natural curly hair, and it even has three freckles painted on its face that mimic the athlete’s own.

The doll is available for US$29.99 on Barbie’s online shop, and there’s a limit of two dolls per customer. Since the doll is so popular, it may be difficult to catch it in stock for a while, but you can sign up for restock alerts!

▼ Osaka said in an Instagram post about the collaboration that she hoped it would remind any child that “they can do and be anything”.

It might be a hot minute before you can get your hands on this doll, but in the meantime, you can entertain yourself with the almost scarily long hair of the new Licca doll.

Sources: Barbie via Net Lab Sports
Images: Barbie
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