The house apparently wasn’t big enough for the both of ’em.

March 3 is Hina Matsuri, or Girl’s Day, in Japan. In addition to gathering together and eating special foods, families with girls will also set out ornate hina dolls in their home, which have often been passed down in the family for generations.

These beautiful displays generally only feature an emperor and empress doll, though more elaborate set-ups can have more than five tiers with many more dolls and symbolic items.

For the most part, cats seem to enjoy these hina doll displays, even getting caught up in it themselves. But this year one little kitty apparently couldn’t bear the thought of a princess other than herself in the house. Twitter user @TiKuBi_girl recounts the events that took place, leading up to a horrific crime of jealousy.

▼ This is how the doll looked after the first attack.

The initial attack left the empress doll with hair in slight disarray. Perhaps thinking it was just a bit of rough play by beloved cat Shiratama, @TiKuBi_girl went about her day. Left unchecked, Shiratama’s jealousy seemed to peak in a fit of rage the following night, and @TiKuBi_girl woke the following morning to the terrifying aftermath.

The emperor doll remained untouched, while the empress had her neck broken and hair in such a state of dishevelment that it would be easy to mistake her for something out of a Ju-On film.

@TiKuBi_girl wrote: “Shiratama is the princess of the house, so I wonder if she had been unable to stand the fact that there was another princess here….” She then had to break the news to her mother via LINE messenger, who did not seem at all pleased. For now the dolls have been moved to a safe spot, but at this point the fate of the empress doll is still unclear.

If only this cat could appreciate Hina Matsuri as much as Japan’s most popular fictional feline, Hello Kitty.

Source: Twitter/ @TiKuBi_girl via CuRAZY 
Featured image: Twitter/ @TiKuBi_girl