The final item in the Evangelion x Japanese Sword doll series looks awesome…and she’ll cut you if you disagree.

There’s little question that the first two Evangelion x Japanese Sword dolls released last year were pretty freaking awesome. The two previous dolls were of Asuka and Mari, who are obviously beloved characters. Even so, their popularity is dwarfed by Rei Ayanami, perhaps the most character in the series. Rei’s doll was previously announced, so this isn’t exactly surprising news, but now we have lots of details to share!

▼ And photos! We love photos.


First things first, if you’ve been holding your breath waiting to give someone your money, you can start breathing again — Takara Tomy, the company producing the dolls, is currently accepting pre-orders on their website. The doll will cost a cool 16,200 yen (about US$137). Unfortunately, Takara Tomy doesn’t ship overseas, so you’ll need to use a reshipping service (like White Rabbit Express or Tenso) if you don’t have a Japanese address.


In addition to a lovely kimono, Rei comes armed with a sword to cut down anyone who gets in her way. The blade comes with a dragon and Longinus engraved on one side and the phrase “戮力協心,” which is read “rikiryokukyuoushin” and basically means combining efforts to accomplish a task.

▼ Basically, Rei is the ultimate team player.


▼ A few close-ups of the blade


▼ The doll also comes with a scabbard and sword stand.


As you can see below, Rei’s sword and sword stand are bit bigger than Asuka’s and Mari’s versions, with a special piece that can be used to extend Rei’s sword stand. It’s also got the same chrysanthemum print as the doll’s kimono.


▼ We’re pretty sure this doll’s clothes are fancier than any of ours…




There’s no doubt that this doll will be the crown jewel of any fan’s collection — apologies to Asuka and Mari!

Sources: Takara Tomy via Japaaan
Featured image/images: Takara Tomy

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